The F.O.S System (Fluid Oscillation System) is an electrophysical Treatment System with which it is possible to influence the Fluidity of a liquid Medium. Difficult to Process liquid Material Systems can be handled better, as by targeted Energy input, the Surface Tension is reduced.


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Solvent free Coatings are the Future. Your Processing is not so easy because the Viscosity and Flowability can not be modified with VOC Solvents. The Influence of Heat is not always the right Solution. The VarioCon System offers much more Possibilities for gentle Conditioning and better Processability of the Material.


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Dispersant for solvent free Polymer Systems

Pigmentation and Additivation of Coating Materials is a widely diversified Field. The proper Addition of solvent free Systems places specific demands on the System Technology. With our PolyBatch System, you can easily compound solvent free Materials without changing the chemical Nature.


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The LiquidSens Sensors can be adjusted directly to the liquid in one Process. The Sensors of the SensAction AG measure the Sound Velocity of the Waves and the Impedance of the Liquid. From this, the true Concentration of a defined Substance and Substance System is determined. In addition, the Temperature of the Medium is also output. This Principle is ingenious and also works very precisely and trouble free.


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