NanoVit is a highly effective wear protective gear for all lubrican guided Systems. NanoVit offers comprehensive, long-lasting Protection, especially in heavily loaded Units.


Engine Renovator

-> gives the Lubricants new special lasting Properties. The Friction Surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and modified for a higher Load. Regardless of the condition of the Lubricant, the local Viscosity in the Friction Zones improves. Wear and electrochemical Corrosion are reduced. The Exhaust Gas Pollutants (NOx, soot) in internal Combustion Engines are reduced. Fuel and Lubricant Savings are a very positive Companion Effect.


Gear Renovator

Manual and Automatic Transmissions

-> improves transmission Efficiency, reduces internal Losses, lengthens oil change Intervals and Extends Gearbox life. The use of "lighter" Oils is possible without its reliability being Reduced.

NanoVit® - Concentrate

as an Antifriction Conditioner for all Lubricating Oils, Greases, Pastes and all Hydraulic Oils.

-> is a nanotechnical Product that leads to the Formation of various macromolecular Structures through the self Organization of matter in Oils, Fats, Pastes. This makes it a Universal Wear Protection Additive for all Lubricants. In Hydraulic Oil, it acts as a stabilizing end functional Additive.

FPT Fluid- und Prozesstechnik GmbH is a listed Contract Partner of MSH NanoVit GmbH / Ulm