Together with Partners you are strong. It is only through the Merger of several Partners that it is possible to create complex Solutions in today's market. Thus, the edge of a Plate for us is not the End, but the Point at which new Ways emerge.

Phi-Stone AG accompanies research Projects as a link between fundamental scientific Research and the Application of the results Obtained. The Content of the research work of Phi-Stone AG is the functionalization of Material Surfaces, as well as the Creation of new Composites with predominantly ceramic Character.



The Teyfel Group is one of the leading Suppliers in the field of industrial Automation and Control Technology in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. Since 1994, Teyfel has developed and distributed industry independent Automation Solutions (for Conveying, Filling, Packaging, Process, X-ray and Robot Technology), including visualization of the Processes.



The Company Moser Systeme GmbH stands for Innovation and Development of new Products. It is primarily about how, when, who and where. Creating new Products is easier than putting Products on the Market and staying there with them. In addition to the Idea, the Profitability and the way of Production must always be taken into account. Products must be easy to handle. The Time for a Product must be right.




Afa engineering GmbH is Distribution Partner of FPT Fluid- and Process Technology GmbH.


The Products are offered directly and optimized on the Customer's request.