In January 2014, FPT Fluid- & Prozesstechnik GmbH was founded by Torsten Heßler (Technology Consulting Heßler); Hans-Heinrich Teyfel (Teyfel Automation GmbH) and Hartmut Schmidt-Niepenberg (FUMT R & D Functional Materials GmbH).


In Addition to the Development of proprietary Processtechnologies for Physics and the Treatment of Liquids (FOS system), the Focus is on the creation and industrial Application of new solvent free Coatings. The Development Center is the Technical Center LAZ-Schwerin, founded in February 2014 and operated by the Teyfel Group.



Coating of first test Objects with solvent free Polymer System


Coating of Wind Turbine blades as part of a joint Partner Research Project


Demonstration of the Performance of the Coating on the hull of the African Forrester

Specification and Development of CSPC Polymer Composites

Securing exclusive Marketing rights for the CSPC Coatings


Start of commercialization of CSPC Coatings

Further Development for industrial Spray Application for the CSPC Polymer Composites

Change of name of FUMT R & D Functional Materials GmbH into Phi-Stone AG

Opening of a Sales Office of FPT GmbH in Kiel



Opening of the Branch in Gotha.